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Winter Weekend #4 2018: Gathering & Suppor

As time flows away, three of the RuneScape Winter Weekends 2018 have passed and the fourth will come soon. This weekend, you will continue your journey of harvest and growth in Winter Weekends #4: Gathering & Support. We wish you can gain as much fortune and growth as you can in this event. Of course don't forget there is always RS gold for sale here.

The fourth weekend of Winter Weekends 2018 will occur at 12:00 UTC on Friday Dec. 21 and last till 12:00 UTC on Monday Dec. 24. You can enjoy all the bonus provided for Gathering & Support during this period of time.

While you are harvesting, there will be a 10% increase in the chance not to deplete the resources of uncharted isles.
And the speed of replenishment when you mine rocks and trees will become twice as quick as before.
In the Hall of Memories, the knowledge fragments will spawn more frequently while training hotspots move less frequently, so that you can gain more growth in Divination skill training.
If you would like to be a master thief, you can also enjoy an increased amount of loots, as well as increased chance to get totems from safecracking.
Additionally, you will have chances to get one more loot when you hunt.
Besides the increased chances to harvest and gain growth , you are more likely to activate The Pit Minigame, which will surly bring you more exciting adventures and rewards.

The fourth of RS Winter Weekends 2018 for Gathering & Support will definitely bring you another enjoyable weekend. Enjoy it!

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Publish Time:Friday, December 21, 2018

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