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The RuneScape Blightbound Armor Concept

As one of the biggest RS Gold online provider, Buyrunescape4golds mainly offer players cheapest RS gold at amazingly cheap prices! You must have been so excited about the upcoming Elite Dungeon 3. Well, here is another surprise for you: the RuneScape Blightbound Armor concept. You probably have owned a Blightbound crossbow in Elite Dungeons.

The Blightbound Armor Concept
The picture of the Blightbound Armor concept has been posted on the social media earlier. The picture contains three versions of the Blightbound Armor: Melee, Magic and Ranged. From the released picture we can see that the armors are generally alike, which according to the author, caused by the fact that the other two was derived from the melee set. There are just some adjustments for the needs of different combat styles.

Comments on the Blightbound Armor Concept
Though there is no other information about the armor listed with the picture, the looks of the three Blightbound Armor styles still make players thrilled. As there are a lot yay sayers, there are also quite a lot nay sayers.

People who vote for it think the armor looks cool and amazing. The hood and the musk of the Magic Blightbound Armor is nice touch. However, some others suggest that even aesthetically, the armors are not so satisfying. Because the armors are too much alike, especially the Melee one and Range one, which shows lack of design. The full head encasement without peek-holes seems impractical.

The RS Blightbound Armor in Elite Dungeon is bond to be nice if only it is equipped with nice effects. As the release of RuneScape the Shadow Reef coming closer, get enough RS3 gold for your new battles.


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Publish Time:Monday, January 14, 2019

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