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The Reason of the Rising Price of Monkey Nuts in 2019

Released on December 6, 2004, the Monkey Nuts was designed to be an in-game item that heal 200 life points. You can also find it in OSRS too, where it heals 4 hitpoints. Players can buy the item at Solihib’s Food Stall on Ape Atoll after starting the quest Monkey Madness. The funniest part of the quest might be players must talk to the owner of the stall in the form of a monkey. As you can see, Monkey Nuts has nothing special.

However, the price of the OSRS Monkey Nuts  has been skyrocketing as the new year arrives. For most players, Monkey Nuts is nothing but an item that grants 200 life points. Why does its price suddenly soar so high? The massive devotion of penguinz0 to the collection of OSRS Monkey Nuts may cause the price rise of it.


The sudden rise of Monkey Nuts’ price is closely related to a YouTuber called penguinz0, AKA Cr1TiKaL in OSRS game. As a OSRS game streamer, he has been passionate about collecting Monkey Nuts and reserving them as an in-game currency. Now, as he has said in his latest YouTube video, he owns 1.2 million Monkey Nuts, which is beyond everyone’s imagination. Even the developers of the game has been totally shocked by this fact.

He has said in an earlier video that “He who controls Monkey Nuts control the RuneScape.” It is not hard to see that he sturdily believes making profits out of Monkey Nuts is feasible and rewarding, since the price of it has surpassed big coin in the game. Therefore, he has not only been keeping on collecting Monkey Nuts in game, but also urging other players to give him their Monkey Nuts when they meet him.


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Publish Time:Monday, January 7, 2019

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