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The RS Team Working on Recently

Some data about RS Mobile playtest in May
Based on the survey from the testers associated with RS Mobile in May, in this playtest they released‘Mobile gesture support' allowing testers to use swipe and pinch functions for the first time. Together with this came chatbox and combat mode changes, removing obstructions from the game view, finally they expanded a few interfaces to make it easier to interact to on mobile.

The team have discovered 77% of testers perform mobile games daily along with 91% at least weekly. Apart from, the top 5 RuneScape activities on mobile that they perform have been Skilling, Combat, Clue Scrolls and Quests, while revolution was the preferred combat style.

Changes the team currently have made  working on
Since the last playtest throughout iOS and Android devices, the RS team have been mainly working on various places, for example:
1. They have moved chat to be in the top left and added a“Reply to PM”button after player feedback. Meanwhile there exists a button to swap between standard and social ribbons added while a fullscreen version of chat is actually removed.
2. The position from the search box has been moved to really make it not hidden by the key pad.
3. The size of bank preset buttons has been increased.
4. They are changing the mini menu for mobile to be able to allow the content teams to create changes to the visual appearance, and have more control on what and how information is shown.

Anyway, we believe the RuneScape Mobile has been better and better. And please buy cheap and safe RuneScape gold at if you need.

The Buyrunescape4golgs team

Publish Time:Friday, July 6, 2018

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