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The Farmhands and Animal Barn added in Player Owned Farm

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Player Owned Farm, also know as POF, is an activity for you to manage your livestock like rabbits, sheep and chicken on Manor Farm at north of East Ardougne. You can talk to Granny Potterington to start the activity after you reach level 17 in Farming and level 20 in Construction. You can raise the livestock, protect them from disease, harvest from them and sell them for magic beans. You can also gain different farming achievements through this activity.

Since its release on 3 September 2018, the Player Owned Farm has been efficient for Farming skill training. This January, the RS team will bring more fun to the POF with the addition of RuneScape Farmhands (like Trapper, Babysitter , etc.) and an Animal Barn. The RS team will add arm hands and an animal barn to player-owned farms. You can buy Farmhands from Granny Potterington with magic beans and ask them to help look after pens and stocks. Based on your needs, you can dismiss, as well as recall the Farmhands.

The Trapper, one Farmhand type, will find you any other kinds of animal except dragons and araxyte spiders, while Babysitter prevent animals within specific paddock from ageing past adolescence. There are also Collector who will help breed your livestock and Animal Whisperer provide bonus for breeding chance of animals. As for the newly added barn, it will offer 15 extra slots to store your animals, and can be upgraded to level 30.

Are you thrilled to raise your animals in the RS Player Owned Farm with the help of Farmhands and Animal Barn? Get enough OSRS gold from us and prepare to farm on your POF now!

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Publish Time:Monday, January 21, 2019

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