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The Collection Log and Changes to the Deadman Mode Tournament

This week sees the release of the highly anticipated Collection log, changes to the Deadman Mode Tournament ahead of its start on the 8th and various bugfixes.

The Collection Log
The Collection Log is a one stop shop for players to see which drops/pets/rewards they have obtained on their adventures from various bosses, raiding dungeons, minigames and general travels. Head upstairs in the Varrock museum and speak to The Collector to acquire the Collection Log. Alternatively, you can access it via the Achievement Gallery in your POH.

Note that each entry in the log is tracked by the item itself and is not exclusive to where it was obtained. For example, if you get a Dragon axe from the Wintertodt, it will also show up under the Dagannoth Kings, or if you get a godsword shard from KreeArra, it will also show up under General Graardor, Commander Zilyana and K’ril Tsutsaroth.

If you already have an untradeable item that can be displayed in the log, it will automatically be added. Tradeable items already earned will not be displayed automatically in the Collection Log. This means both regular and Iron players will also have to re-obtain any tradeable items they wish to be displayed in their log. This is because there are so many tradeable items in the log, with potential future additions to come, that it would become unfeasible to perform all the checks required for everything that an Iron player might already own.

Deadman Winter 2018 Tournament Changes
Various changes have been made for the Deadman Winter 2018 tournament such as an updated and much larger 1v1 arena - this due to the increase in amount of players participating in the 1v1s from 128 to 256. Other changes to gameplay include an improved global drop table, the ability to use the looting bag everywhere, access to the revenant caves and the removal of PvP armours.

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Publish Time:Friday, December 7, 2018

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