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The Beach

The Beach has returned! All of your preferred attractions from last year are back, with an additional hole in the wall activity lets you pose to your heart's content. There are new rewards with the beach coming back, these could be awarded from skilling in the beach or by purchasing them with RuneCoins, some of these are showcased below and there is cheap and safe runescape accounts for sale on our site.

Goebie Backpack: If you have a desire to wear a backpack modelled around a Goebie this is your chance to do so.

Goebie Beach Pet: Even the Goebies have to enjoy the beach! This pet can be overridden and is never without his towel, parasol and walking stick.

Banana Boat: The Banana boat is terrorbird inspired, you can use it to race in the Terrorbird races, or just use it to run around.

These are just some of the rewards from the Beach this year therefore head in-game and make sure to check them out! We have an extra pet, as well as rest and walk animations for you to earn!

We all know it's not a good beachparty without Happy hours. Therefore in all worlds there will be happy hours this year, if it's a happy hour you will receive an extra 10% at all the skilling locations on the beach. This year you will see happy hours daily in 01:00, 09:00, 14:00, 16:30 & 21:00 gametime!

Additionally, the weather forecast suggest that there will be a heatwave each weekend till Monday the 27th of August. Every single heatwave will last from 12:00 gametime on Friday till 12:00 gametime on Monday. During a heatwave you will be able to keep training your skills regardless of the thermometer.

As being an additional note Reyna will have exclusive sandy clue scrolls to give out, she gives one out each day, if you miss a day don't fear she'll keep on to it for you meaning you'll never miss out.

And the Beach event will finish after the game update on Monday August 27th. So you can prepare enough runescape gold for this activity and enjoy the each weekend.

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Publish Time:Friday, August 3, 2018

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