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Some Improvements to the OSRS Chambers of Xeric

This week sees the release of some improvements to the OSRS Chambers of Xeric ,and corrected a few other issues with the raid.Here you could learn the Vanguard changes and others.

Changes to Vanguard OSRS this week

To making the Vanguard  more of a challenge and less of a hassle,there have  a bunch of changes have been made with osrs update this week:

1.Vanguards’ defence has been lowered, hitpoints increased.
2.The high magic defence of the ‘melee’ vanguard has been swapped with its melee defence.
3.Reduced the vanguards’ aggro range , shifted one of the spawn positions to match the room layouts in other vanguard rooms.
4.Guaranteed to get at least one Overload from the vanguards now.

Other Improvements to OSRS Chambers of Xeric

Your best times will appear on-screen upon finishing a raid in Chambers of Xeric . This information will also be visible in the Adventure Log in your Player Owned House – assuming you’ve built one!

While doing this work, also corrected a few other issues with the raid:
1.Rebalanced the scavenger beasts’ loot table to include a more reasonable amount of cicelies and endarkened juice.
2.Altered the positions of crystals in one of the crab rooms, to not be as much of a hindrance on raids efficiency.
3.Fixed an issue where players would be hit by Vespula’s melee attack if the Abyssal Portal died.

What do you think of  this week's update?
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Publish Time:Friday, May 22, 2020

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