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Some Feedback About Runescape

In the last week's game update, there should be some different game experiences. In this article, some players’ feedback on last week's game updates was collected.

In the feedback collected, many people think that Spin Flax is lower level than Make Leather but the runes and quantity are likely to always be more expensive, even Plank Make is less expensive.

Some people are even considering whether they should give up RS3 over this and going to OSRS,because OSRS team care about us unlike the RS3 team, and they now it seems that more trust osrs team. Now to the self-sabotage that makes this update feel very bad.

Many people think that this update is very good, but they now seem to have been particularly disappointed with the RS3 team. Because there exists a large amount of self-sabotage which Jagex HQ is doing for several many years which is leading to much more harm to RS3 compared to assist. I like the way we can easily see just how much gold is in our own coffers in Kingdom Management is a little point, but really nice to have as I always lose track.

There are also players who ask specific questions and he wants to know  wonder if it would be possible to have an augmented and regular version of the wildy sword at the same time. Wilderness Sword 4 had been helpful for warbands prior to this up-date. To demand teleport to some warband camping following the up-date I must unequip the blade and visit a second menus. Could you create warbands tele the rightclick choice since it was previously and mix the teleports menus using the first menus as one menus display screen. Present setup accidents the warbands experience b/c you need to fumble to get the tele.

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Publish Time:Monday, April 9, 2018

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