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Smithing Quality of Life

This week Runescape offical news post some changes to  improving Stone Spirits .Here you could learn the  changes and improvements to help you !

Smithing QoL

One of the big problems with Stone Spirits is that there is already a surplus of ores on the market, so they aren't worth bringing along. Mainly, this is because Mining in its current state is far less intensive than Smithing.
The following changes are intended to make Smithing more AFK-able:
You're now able to have multiple unfinished items at once.
Once you finish an item, you start working on another unfinished item straight away.
The progress per swing from no, low and medium heat has been increased.

Telos & God Wars Dungeon 2 Drop Table

Another issue with stone spirits is that they are not as valuable as other items on the loot tables, which can cause disappointment. In light of this, Runescape have made changes to the drop tables for Telos and God Wars Dungeon 2,hope these changes will bring the gp per kill for these bosses back in line with player expectations.
Rune stone spirits have been replaced by Small Bladed Rune Salvage
Adamantite stone spirits have been replaced with Rune stone spirits, which are more valuable.

God Wars Dungeon 2
The frequency of Necrite and Phasmatite stone spirit drops has been reduced across all God Wars Dungeon 2 bosses.

Upgraded Armour Spikes

Armour spikes are working so well that they deserve an upgrade. Upgraded armour spikes have a 10% chance to deal 10x the damage of regular armour spikes.To craft the upgraded armour spikes, you’ll need 1000 original spikes and a bar of concentrated alloy. If you’re wielding a shield alongside your armour spikes, they’ll deal double damage.

Upgraded Autoheater

The original Autoheater can now be upgraded into the Advanced Autoheater.The new and improved Autoheater has a toggleable overheat mode, which will reheat your item to 60% when the heat reaches 0% for the cost of 50 coal.The component for the Advanced Autoheater can be unlocked in the Dungeoneering shop for 40,000 tokens.

Spiked armour

From now on, you can attach awesome-looking spikes to armour by speaking with Elof in the artisans’ workshop. It costs just 1 glorious bar per item to get your spike on, and you’ll have a new tongue-twister to practice while you’re standing around at the bank.
To be totally clear, spiked armour is just cosmetic. The only benefit you get is the ability to look like a total badass, and you don't need Spiked Armour to make use of the Armour Spikes.

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Publish Time:Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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