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RuneScape HiScores And Other Patch Notes

There has been a RuneScore tab have added to the HiScores page on the RuneScape website this week. And the Ninja team also have done some fixes, such as the rate producing Attribute boosting Honey is faster now. Let’s learn more details here.

New added RuneScore tab to HiScores
This week the RS team has added a RuneScore tab, named Achievements to the HiScores page on the RuneScape site, from which you can learn the top players who have the highest RuneScore and be aware of how far ahead you are of your friends or how much further you have to go to catch them. As of right now there are 1,980 in-game achievements, representing a possible RuneScore of 21,840.

Other fixes including those for PoH
1. You can stop gathering special honey by walking away from beehives.
2. The new rabbits you breed from now on can be banked and traded.
3. Grenwall hunting will not drop grey chinchompas any longer.
4. You will only get Common brown rabbits from the rabbits killed in the Elf Lands.
5. You can produce Attribute boosting Honey on the Player Owned Farm at a faster rate.
6. You can correctly unlock the achievements for the Thieving Guild mini-quests after each mini-quest.
7. You can consistently complete the Ardougne task achievement, Green Fingers.
8. You will be granted a quicker way to get back into the observatory after completing Observatory Quest.

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Publish Time:Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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