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RS3 Summer Escape: Anachronia Week until Sept. 1

The fourth week of RS3 Summer Escape event is coming on the theme of Anachronia. Until 23:59 on September 1st, enjoy more experience, higher drop rate for rare items and other bonuses for Anachronia island.Here you could learn the detailed information.

Summer Escape Week 4: Anachronia Week

Between 00:00 on August 26th to 23:59 on September 1st, everyone’s favourite dinosaur-infested landmass will be receiving buffs across the board. Various Anachronian activities will receive the following buffs:

1. 50% Chance for an extra Hunter mark to drop while Hunting on the island
2. 50% More XP in Herby Werby
3. 10% Increased chance of receiving codex pages while traversing the Agility course
4. 10% increased Agility XP from the Anachronia course
5. 0% Chance to fail obstacles on the Agility course
6. 10% Increased Hunter XP while taking part in Big Game Hunter
7. 10% Increased drop rate for rare items from Slayer creatures on Anachronia

Bonus Weekend in Summer Escape RuneScape

In addition to the above buffs, there will be further bonuses on weekends from 12:00 on Fridays to 11:59 on Mondays:

-1 additional free clue scroll re-roll a day
-Double skill outfit fragments
-Double Menaphos rep
-Double thaler
-Double slayer points
-Half boss instance cost
-Chance of mystery boxes when skilling/killing

You can look forward to a number of exciting occurrences throughout the event period, including balloon drops at selected lodestones throughout the world. These balloons contain a multitude of items, including Silverhawk feathers, summery snacks, and medium prismatic lamps.

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Publish Time:Monday, August 26, 2019

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