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RS Companion App Removal

The RS team has announced that they will carry out the removal of RuneScape Companion app. From February 1st 2019 the application will no longer be available to download on the iOS and Android stores and after the game update on 4th Feburary 2019 the app will no longer work. Additionally, please remember you can find RS3 gold for sale on our site.

The RS Companion app is a free app that offers access to various interactions with the game. It is available on smart phones, tablets, and some web browsers. With the app, you can do a series of things like buying and selling items from your bank on Grand Exchange, checking the contents in your bank, viewing your D&D tracker, and checking the stock market prices of items on GE. You can also do private things like chatting with fellow players via private, friends, and clan chats.

According to the RS team, the removal of the app was caused by the underdevelopment of the app’s technology and the development of the RS Mobile. Maintaining the companion app requires time from the developers which they think is better spent resolving other issues and developing new features on the road to release for RuneScape Mobile. What’s more, the functions of the app will be available in the upcoming RS mobile, which is now a main focus of the team’s work. Therefore, there’s no use to keep the app.

What do you think of the removal of RuneScape Companion app? In addition, you can enjoy RS game with the cheap RuneScape 07 gold from us.


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Publish Time:Friday, January 25, 2019

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