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PvP Improvements

This week The Old School Team posted the release of some changes to PvP .OSRS Looting Bag was only stored in the Wilderness, and now it becomes useable in certain areas in PvP worlds. Additionally, the Tier 10 emblem OSRS has been tradeable now.

Allow Looting Bag in PvP Worlds

The looting bag will now be useable on PvP worlds in certain areas. Please note that for UIM it still works only in the Wilderness. You can find areas the looting bag will work in below.
Camelot & Seers Village
Castle Wars Entrance
Duel Arena Entrance

Note: Looting Bag OSRS still works only in the Wilderness for Ultimate Ironman.

Tele Block Timer Chatbox Message

There are now additional messages displayed when tele blocked to notify you when 30 seconds remain and when the tele block has expired.

Tradeable Tier 10 Emblems

Tier 10 emblems can now be traded with players and on the Grand Exchange. To combat emblem farming, the BH world is now limited to players with 300+ total level and 25+ hours of game time.

HP Orb Changes

The HP orb will now have a coloured background which changes colour if the player is poisoned, envenomed, diseased or a combination of the two. This is to help players that are on low Hitpoints be able to tell if they are under one of those effects.

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Publish Time:Friday, June 14, 2019

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