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Planned Changes: Bird Nests And Bird Houses

Bird nests
The OSRS team will be making the following integrity changes next week, pending community feedback and a poll due to go live this week.

To help stabilise the cost of brews, all PvM nest drops (Vorkath, Zulrah and Callisto) will have their nest drops removed. Only Callisto will have his nest drop replaced with 30 Dragon bones. They agree with many of you that PvM should not be the primary method for obtaining skilling resources. This change is in line with that belief.

They have recognise that the Giant Mole’s niche is providing certain resources so will not change that. And they aim to cement the Mole’s position as the main method for gathering nests via PvM and raise its falling GP p/hr.

Bird houses
As they currently stand, the number of nests given is based on Bird house tier. We think this, too, is quite strong. As these Bird houses have lower Hunter requirements compared to the levels necessary to craft them, people are capable of simply buying the highest tier and profiting regardless of Hunter level.

To tackle this, the following changes are being made:
The overall chance of obtaining a nest from Bird houses will be lowered.
The number of nests given is now randomised based on your Hunter level and Bird house tier.

Those at 99 should still see a drop overall, though not one as large as those at a lower Hunter level. On average, those at 89 Hunter will get 20% fewer nests than those at 99 if both are using Redwood houses.

Polled Changes
The hop seeds required for bird feed are arduous to obtain in high quantities. We will be polling an increase in the quantity of hop seeds gained from Master Farmers. We would also like to offer giving the birds a taste for herb seeds. Each would give 1 charge and every seed above Ranarr will give 2.

This should reduce the number of nests gained from the Bird houses, reducing the current and potential future brew pricing issues. However, it should still be a lucrative method for those training their Hunter skill.

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Publish Time:Friday, November 16, 2018

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