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OSRS Deadman Finals&Bounty Hunter Rework

Deadman Spring Finals Re-Run
The final 256 players from the Spring Finals Tournament that took place on the 30th of March 2019 will be re-invited to compete in a re-run.  Now able to announce that the date of this re-run is 14th of June 2019. There'll be two open beta tests ahead of the re-run. The provisional dates for these tests are the 24th of May and the 7th of June. There'll also be a trial login on the 3rd of June, this is specifically for the 256 players  we'll be inviting to the re-run. This will be an opportunity  for OSRS  to test that the steps have  taken to restore your game saves are correct, and that your accounts will be as you expect. Please look out for more information in your in-game message centre in the coming weeks.
Deadman Summer Finals
The weeklong Summer Finals will begin on the 22nd of June. Competitors will have one week to prepare, and it will conclude with the Permadeath stage on the 29th of June 2019. In early June ,OSRS will send inbox messages to all that have qualified regarding finalised times of the tournament and finals.
Bounty Hunter Rework
Two years ago, a Bounty Hunter Rework was mentioned at RuneFest. OSRS  made a start on delivering some Bounty Hunter changes now.
Here are some small changes OSRS would like to make to Bounty Hunter:
Leader board: This leader board will allow players to see who has the top BH kills that day or most emblems farmed. The leader board will reset around midnight game time.
Disable Box Traps, Fires, Bird Snares, and Cannons from being set up in BH Worlds (1-10 Wilderness): When on a BH world in levels 1-10 of the Wilderness it will no longer be possible to set up Box Traps, Bird Snares, and Cannons. This is to prevent disruptive behaviour within BH. Should this be successful, we can look to extend this change to every world to improve PvP across the board.
Cosmetic Reward Shop Additions: As the rune pouch can now be obtained via Slayer, there aren't any unique rewards for participating in BH. OSRS will create some unique cosmetics such as a hat or cape to signify elite status within BH and encourage more players to participate.

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Publish Time:Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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