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OSRS Below Ice Mountain and Ice Mountain Dungeon

Willow, an energetic archaeologist (perhaps suspiciously so) is hunting for her next big discovery. She believes she has found the entrance to ancient underground ruins just to the west of Ice Mountain. There's a catch though - it's sealed tight and she needs to re-unite her old crew to help her break in.

Naturally, she has to stay close to the ruins (south of Ice Mountain, near the Dwarven Mines) in order to lay claim to the find. It therefore falls to you to bring her rag-tag group back together for one last caper and a final big pay-off!

Burntof is an old dwarf with a penchant for demolition, Checkal is a well-built lifter of heavy things and Marley is a cunning thief with a knack for disarming traps.

Together, they have the talents it will take to gain entry to the secret ruins. But persuading them might not be easy. See, the gang aren't all too keen on working with Willow again, and her intentions might not be as honourable as she claims...

Requirements and Rewards
This is a novice quest aimed at free-to-play adventurers, so there aren't many requirements. You'll need 16 Quest Points to get started, and 10 Mining will definitely come in handy for a tricky encounter, but is by no means necessary. Completing the quest will yield the following rewards:
> 1 Quest Point
> 2,000 Coins
> Access to the Ice Mountain Dungeon

Ice Mountain Dungeon

Once the quest is complete, you'll have access to the dungeon below Ice Mountain. These ruins are packed with lore, but we're keeping those cards very close to our chest for the moment. Read on for a spoiler-free guide to what awaits:

Activities In The Ruins

Within the ruins is a great forge powered using Barronite, a unique material that can only found there. Somebody within the ruins believes it is their duty to keep the forge lit, lest the flame be diminished forever. This somebody is perhaps a few years past their prime and, with failing eyesight, will reward anybody who helps to gather vital Barronite...

There are a range of rewards for handing over the Barronite, most notable of which is access to the Vault. What's so exciting about this Vault? Well, it contains many treasures belonging to the old inhabits of the ruins, and they are all yours for the taking! However, to get the lock open you'll need to offer Barronite every time you want to enter.

Barronite can be gathered while skilling within the ruins, so you'll be gaining XP as you go. The activities available are primarily aimed at low-ish level free-to-play adventurers with the intention of filling notable gaps in free-to-play skilling. Let's take a look at some of them:

Religious Offerings (Prayer)

The caves deep below Ice Mountain are home to various rare cave fish. In ancient times, it was tradition for these fish to be used as religious offerings.

Here cave fishy fishy!

Players can offer cave fish within the ruins to train their Prayer skill. You'll need to perform the same ritual used by the long-departed inhabitants of the ruins:

Step 1: Fishing

Players will either need a small net, big net or fishing rod to catch cave fish within the ruins.

Fish Fishing Level Equipment Free-to-play
Raw Guppy 7 A small net YES
Raw Cavefish 20 A small net YES
Raw Tetra 33 A small or big net YES
Raw Catfish 46 A big net NO

Players will also sometimes find Barronite when fishing. Plus, there's a rare chance of catching a Barronite Handle (see below). The fish caught here cannot be traded.

There are a few cave eel to be found (members only). They can't be used as an offering, but are a source of food. You'll also have a chance to receive the Heron pet when fishing for cave eels.

Step 2: Cooking

With fish in your net, players will need to head to one of the old preparation tables with a knife. But be careful how you cook, budding chefs - it's possible to mess up and ruin the fish. The chance of failure is dependent on your Cooking level, so bring your culinary A-game!

Fish Cooking Level Free-to-play
Guppy 7 YES
Cavefish 20 YES
Tetra 33 YES
Catfish 46 NO

The prepared fish cannot be traded.

Step 3: Prayer

With your fish prepared, it's time to make an offering at an ancient altar and train that Prayer skill!

Golem Cores

The old inhabitants of the ruins controlled Golems, programming them to do many tasks. The Golems were fuelled by runic energies and imbued with the power of the Body and Mind altars. It was hoped that they would one day become more self-sufficient and be freed of the requirement for programming - but the magical arts are never predictable. The unstable energies of the nearby Chaos altar slowly seeped in the Golem Cores, corrupting them and filling them with uncontrollable power. The dangerous Golems were sealed away in the ruins for good.

Players can hunt and kill Golems within the ruins. When defeated, they will sometimes drop their corrupted Cores, which can be used at the relevant Runecraft altar to gain XP and runes.

Step 1: Combat

Players can find the following golems in the ruins:

Name Level  Notable Drops Free-to-play
Flawed Golem 13 None YES
Mind Golem 30 Mind Core YES
Body Golem 50 Body Core YES
Chaos Golem 70 Chaos Core NO

Killing golems will sometimes yield Barronite, too, and there's a rare chance they'll drop a Barronite Guard (see below). Golem cores cannot be traded.

Step 2: Runecrafting

Players can use the Cores to train their Runecraft skill, offering them at the relevant Runecraft altar for XP and runes. Each Core offers more XP and runes than a single essence, meaning fewer trips to the altar. However, this benefit is offset by the time it takes to obtain the Cores.

Gathering Relics (Mining and Smithing)

Players can mine Barronite rocks to find (you guessed it) Barronite and (you guessed it again) Barronite deposits. These deposits can be smelted down to gain additional Barronite and Ancient Relics.

Step 1 - Mining

Barronite rocks can be tackled at 15 Mining. Mining here will work similarly to the upper-level ore veins in Motherlode Mine (ensuring the rocks can be worked in groups).

Players will get around 25 XP per Barronite mined, and finding a deposit will yield some additional XP.

Step 2 - Smithing

Players with 15 Smithing can break down Barronite deposits with a hammer at the anvil within the dungeon, and obtain various items:

>Barronite (common)
>Ancient Relic (uncommon)
>Barronite Head (rare)
>Broken Barronite Hammer (rare + members-only)

Ancient Relics can be handed in at the Varrock Museum for coins. In addition, members also get Kudos for the first Relic they hand in! The Barronite Head and Broken Barronite Hammer, meanwhile, can be made into new items (see below).

When Smithing, players will get around 37.5 XP per deposit. We will be monitoring drop rates and will adjust them accordingly once we've received more data.

The Vault

The Vault is buried deep within the ruins - just hand in your Barronite to gain access! As we mentioned above, it was used by the ancient inhabitants of the ruins to store treasure, so it's well worth a gander. But there's a catch. Each payment of Barronite allows just one entry, and players only get a limited time inside before they are forced out by the ancient security systems.

The Vault itself is maze-like, and home to many chests. Players have one minute to loot as many chests as possible and then reach the exit. If the player doesn't make it out in time, all the precious bounty will be lost!

Making things even more challenging, the locations of chests - and the loot within them - will be randomised. Similarly, doors will at times be blocked off, forcing the player to think fast and dash down alternative paths.

Players will be able to stack Barronite payments to make Vault entry more convenient. For example, a player could pay for 20 entries in a single transaction. Smooth.

Other Rewards

In addition to all of the above, the ruins offer new and unique rewards! Snag yourself one of these:

Barronite Mace

An untradeable mace that was once used by the ancient inhabitants of the ruins. Players need to find three components:
> Barronite Handle - found while hunting for cave fish
> Barronite Guard - dropped by Golems when killed
> Barronite Head - found while breaking down Barronite deposits

Once you have all three components, a character within the ruins will tell you how to combine them to finish the Barronite Mace (you'll also need some Barronite, obviously - the clue's in the name!). The Mace is positioned slightly below the Rune Scimitar. It's a useful crush weapon for low to mid levels, and requires 40 Attack.

This Mace also comes with a unique effect - it's a golembane weapon. That means it will provide extra accuracy and damage when fighting Golems!

As the item is untradeable it will behave similarly to items like the Fire Cape on death.

Dwarven Hammer

This is a members-only, untradeable hammer that was once used as Smithing equipment by ancient dwarves. It's been a while since it's been much use to anyone, so you will first need to find the busted version while breaking down Barronite deposits. A character within the ruins will tell you how to repair it.

It will function as a normal hammer when skilling, but because it can be equipped in the main-hand, it frees up an inventory slot. Note that the hammer has no combat stats when equipped.

Ruins Area Buffs

Players will also be able to spend Barronite to unlock various buffs and effects that work only within the ruins:

>Increased catch rate for fishing
>Decreased failure chance when preparing fish
>Reduced damage from golem attacks
>Increased chance of obtaining Barronite deposits
>Increased chance of finding mace components and the broken hammer
>A one hour buff to the dungeon that increases the success chance of all activities

And that's everything for Below Ice Mountain and our new free-to-play dungeon area. We can't wait for you to delve deep into the mysteries of these strange and wonderful ruins. What will you uncover?

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