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From September 15th to October1st Good Activity Free items for powering

Due we website just update back, we have an activity for power leveling. Thanks all customer support.
Activity times: On September 15th ---- On October 1st
Activity Free: From September 15th to October1st, Buy powers leveling have different price gift items free.
1:Once purchase 49$ on powering Free whip
2:Once purchase 79$ on powering Free (1, dragon boots 2, dragon plate body 3 whip 4, berserker ring)
3:Once purchase 129$ on powering Free (1, Amulet of fury 2, whip)
4:Once purchase 199.99$ on powering Free Dragon claws
5:Once purchase 277.77$ on powering Free (1, Full set with Ranger helmet 2, fighter torso 3, 20m gold)
6:Once purchase 388.88$ on powering Free (1, Dragon claws 2, Bandos god sword)
Note:Detailed please click Rs Power Leveling Or Rs Multi –PL.

    Guide: Recipe for Disaster OSRS Quest Easy & Fast Walkthrough
    The Old School quest Recipe for Disaster requires players to get a crème brulee for Sir Amik Varze.You need to talk to Sir Amik Varze first, t...
    Publish Time:4/22/2019 5:12:52 PM
    Learn OSRS QoL & Treasure Trails Changes
    This week we see some QoL changes and feedback changes after the release of Treasure Trail expansion. Now let's learn the deatils of what change...
    Publish Time:4/19/2019 4:52:21 PM
    Learn the Steps of OSRS Warding training!
    OSRS new skill Warding is a proposed mage armour production skill which was first proposed at last year's RuneFest.Old School official news post ...
    Publish Time:4/17/2019 5:26:24 PM
    Enjoy RS Song of Seren weekend for XP On May 2019
    This May, the RuneScape Song of Seren week will hit with a rotating benefits every 2 hours, bringing you 1.5x XP and other bonuses in your Support, Co...
    Publish Time:4/15/2019 4:56:24 PM
    About details of OSRS Pest Control and other changes!
    The latest Old School RS poll reveals some improvements that will be polled starting April 12. According to the plan, OSRS pest control can be adjuste...
    Publish Time:4/11/2019 5:27:25 PM
    RS&OSRS Maintenance on April 9th,2019
    On Tuesday April 9th,multiple RS3 and OSRS worlds will be offline during the period.No worries,you can continue to play on worlds hosted in othe...
    Publish Time:4/9/2019 2:01:32 PM
    Runescape's Firemaking Update & PvM Revitalisation in March 2019
    Greetings! The long-awaited Firemaking update is finally here! We’ve also got the usual selection of changes and fixes, as well as a brand new slayer ...
    Publish Time:3/28/2019 9:52:36 AM
    Runescape Spellbook Swap & Fixes 2019
    Spellbook Swap & FixesGreetings! We've got a fair few nips and tucks to discuss this week, including improvements to spell book swapping, and ...
    Publish Time:3/22/2019 2:39:57 PM
    Updated Quest Panel and QoL Changes
    The OSRS team released of a player-submitted rework for the Quest side-panel, Drew and his Sandstone machine and Quality of Life changes this week. He...
    Publish Time:3/15/2019 4:19:38 PM
    Bounty Hunter Reward Distribution
    We had the very best intentions with Bounty Hunter, but over time the RS team realised that the minigame was just not fun to play. So they decided rem...
    Publish Time:3/13/2019 4:51:28 PM
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