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Mobilising Armies

As many of you are aware, the RS team are going to be removing Mobilising Armies from the game. And they have been figuring out how to ensure that its rewards remain accessible to everyone and that nobody misses out on anything as a result of the change. In addition, if you want to buy new items, why not create them right now with the cheap RuneScape gold for sale on our site?

1. Existing investment credits will be converted into GP at an exchange rate of 5 credits to 1 GP and reward credits at 2 to 1 GP.
2. Unused mobilising armies points enhancers have been swapped out for unfocused enhancers.
3. Mobilising Armies will no longer be a requirement for the Completionist Cape. For those who have already completed it, it will become a hidden feat with 0 RuneScore.
4. HiScores will be preserved for posterity.
5. Locators can be crafted with Divination. They all come with 50 charges like normal, requiring half the amount of energy made to recharge back to 50 charges. They now work for Elder Trees also!
5.1 Inferior Locator
Level 24
100x Bright Energy
1x Divine Location (Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing or herb up to level 30)
5.2 Poor Locator
Level 41
200x Sparkling Energy
1x Divine Location (Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing or herb up to level 50)
5.3 Good Locator
Level 62
300x Vibrant Energy
1x Divine Location (Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing or herb up to level 70)
5.4 Superior Locator
Level 81
400x Brilliant Energy
1x Divine Location (Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing or herb up to level 90)
6. Cosmetics will now be available in the Thaler store.
6.1 All outfit pieces are available for 30 Thaler each.
6.2 Titles available for 100 Thaler each
7. Low level ring imbuing will should go to the Soul Wars reward shop.
7.1 Rings up to Onyx – 5 Zeal
7.2 Onyx and Fremennik rings - 8 Zeal
8. New high-level ring imbues are now possible at the Raids reward store in exchange for Teci.
8.1 Ring of Fortune (imbued) - 2,500 teci
8.2 Luck of the Dwarves (imbued) / Hazelmere's Signet Ring (imbued) - 7,500 teci / 10,000 teci
8.3 Ring of Death (imbued) - 15,000 teci
8.4 Asylum Surgeon's ring (imbued) - 10,000 teci

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Publish Time:Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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