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Mobile Changes and Other Changes

Mobile Changes
The RS team have optimised, revamped and improved the setting menu, which will be released on Monday, October 1. The spacing between options has been increased on various menus and interfaces to make selection easier. The following have been updated for now:
The Quest list.
Choice options that appear in the chatbox.
The world switcher.
The music interface.
Teleports from Player Owned Houses and certain jewellery.

As the chat stones cannot be used when the chatbox is open, they are now covered to save space.

Other Changes
World 107 - the UK Deadman world has been taken down.
Interaction with the Mor Ul Rek furnace was improved.
The unlock hint for the song "In Between" has been updated.
The miniquest info has been updated for the "Lair of Tarn Razorlor".
PC users now have the Account management interface that currently appears on mobile.
A missing travel icon has been added to Land's End.
A typo has been fixed in the Hunting cape teleport message.
A typo has been fixed in Depths of Despair.
A typo has been fixed in Odd Mushroom's notes.
A typo when resetting your Grotesque Guardians killstreak has been fixed.
A grammatical error in Making Friends with My Arm was fixed.
You can no longer stand on the dog in the Fossil Island camp.
You can now sell your Coal and Gem bag back to Percy for 80% of their original cost.

Mobile Patches
Players will no longer tap through the Barbarian assault cannon interface.
Chat buttons have been slightly moved to limit accidental interactions.
It is no longer possible to tap through the gap between the side stones and the side panel.
Expand/minimise capability has been added to the Kourend favour overlay.
When the bank interface is closed and a side panel was previously open, the panel will now automatically re-open to match the behaviour on the desktop version.

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Publish Time:Sunday, September 30, 2018

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