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Master Skillcape Perks and Perk Reworks

Double XP Weekend is coming on the 31st of August to the 3rd September. There are absolutely no frills this time, just straight up, delicious XP from mid-day Friday to mid-day Monday. Start hoarding those resources, and we'll see you in the summoning obelisks. And there is provide cheap RS Gold on our site.

Before the Double XP Weekend, the RS team will be releasing master skillcape perks for Invention, Dungeoneering and Slayer at level 120, and also perks for the Master Quest Cape:

1. Invention: Gives an increased chance of receiving rare and uncommon components when disassembling
2. Dungeoneering: A chance to choose which boss you face; increased chance of lore drops inside Daemonheim and Elite Dungeons; and also the ability to wear your cape inside Daemonheim
3. Slayer: Provides a chance to choose your task from a Slayer master each time you receive a new one
4. Master Quest Cape: Brings a range of lore-related teleports into a single item, allowing you to teleport towards the Legends'Guild, the World Gate, Varrock Museum, the Empty Throne Room and several much more
5. Agility: No longer fail any kind of agility obstacles
6. Constitution: Retains the current effect, but the healing now continues to work in combat
7. Construction: Has a chance to save planks when building in your player-owned house
8. Crafting: Provides a chance to cut almost all gems in your inventory at once and provides unlimited thread
9. Divination: Wisps will now last a fixed amount of time when first harvested
10 Firemaking: Fire spirits provide better rewards and will work as a light source
11. Fletching: Offers a chance to make extra mounting bolts, arrows and darts
12. Hunter: Increases the effective range of your own traps by 2 tiles
13. Prayer: Retains the current effect, but acts like a First-Age Cape if owned
14. Thieving: All drops are noted, and stacks with Ardougne Cape if owned

Addintional, there are some fixes to perks, including the ability to activate all of them directly from the Max Cape while worn, and the ability to have two perks on expert capes of accomplishment.

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Publish Time:Monday, August 6, 2018

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