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Learn the Improvements to The Grace of the Elves necklace!

This week sees the talented Ninjas launch their fourth strike. According to the official news post,The Grace of the Elves necklace has had several improvements made to it.Here you could learn the  changes and improvements.

New options and sign added to the necklace

1.Two new options have been added while wearing the item, which means you can recharge the necklace while skilling.
2.'Charge porter' will add one Sign of the Porter to the necklace.
3.'Charge all porters' will add all Signs of the Porter in the Inventory until full or near full charge.

Three new settings added to the necklace

1.'Always warn' will continue to warn the player before charging Signs of the Porter.
2.'Always consume' will cause Grace of the Elves to automatically consume Signs of the Porter until full.
3.'Never consume' will never attempt to waste any extra porter charges and will stop prompting a warning.

Other  improvements to the necklace

1.The Buff Bar icon is now removed when the necklace reaches 0 charges.
2.The necklace will now prioritise activated Signs of the Porter instead of inactive ones.
3.When the porter functionality is disabled, the number of charges remaining will show on the Debuff Bar icon.
4.A filterable chat message has been added to notify the player when their Grace of the Elves reaches 0 charges.
5.When adding just one porter to the necklace, players will no longer be asked for confirmation.

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The Buyrunescape4golds Team

Publish Time:Wednesday, May 06, 2020

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