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Learn More of RS The Grand Party: Celebration of Skilling

RS20 Mini-Quest Series: Once Upon A Time
We hope you're not all partied out just yet, because our 20th Anniversary celebrations are far from over! Throughout the year, we'll be releasing a series of miniquests that combine, megazord-like, to form 'Once Upon a Time', our 20th Anniversary story arc.

Here's even better news - members can play Foreshadowing, the first miniquest in the series, right now!

Head to the Blue Moon Inn to get started. Relomia, Sliske's former emissary, is holding an exclusive party for Gielinor's best and brightest - and no party would be complete without the World Guardian in attendance! So get ready to dance until you drop as you kick off an epic journey through RuneScape's past, present, and future.

Rewards include an extra-fabulous Party Hat override and a prismatic lamp - and of course, completing Foreshadowing will ensure you're ready when the next miniquest in the series comes along!

The Grand Party: Celebration of Skilling
The birthday celebrations continue this week with the Celebration of Skilling!

Throughout the week, you'll get 50% increased XP in all gathering skills - those being:

- Archaeology
- Divination
- Farming
- Fishing
- Mining
- Hunting
- Woodcutting

There's a couple of things to bear in mind. Firstly, the XP bonus won't apply to Archaeology's restoration activity, but to make up for it you will get 50% extra precision while excavating. Secondly, it also won't apply to the animals on your Player Owned Farm, including those at The Ranch Out Of Time.

Lastly, Iron players will NOT get the XP buff.

Now, the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that there's been some changes around the Lumbridge Crater. Since we won't be needing that portal after next week, our good friend Aubury has turned it into a skilling rift, which will grant both Summoning and RuneCrafting XP.

And don't forget - when the event ends next week, The Wise Old Man will no longer be able to supply you with the special edition 20th Anniversary Cape and Outfit - so have a chat with him and pick it up while you still can!

Vault of Shadows Miniquest
This miniquest will be familiar to all you keen-o archaeologists out there - it's the Vault of Shadows mystery, condensed into a more easily completable form.

Whereas previously you needed 107 Archaeology ( in order to restore the relevant Spell Scrolls) for this you only need 58 Archaeology, which will get you access to all of Kharid-Et.

To get stuck in, have a word with Dr Nabanik at the Kharid-Et dig site. He'll hand over four fully-restored Spell Scrolls for you to use and replace any you accidentally destroy.

You won't get the usual Archaeology XP for completing this miniquest. To do so, you'll have to get 107 Archaeology and hand in your own restored scrolls to Dr Nabanik, as usual. Should you have already completed the mystery, speak with Nabanik to complete the miniquest and get a well-earned 'thank you'. If you're partway through the mystery, don't panic - Dr Nabanik, in his infinite and totally human wisdom, has accounted for that too.

There's no new rewards for this miniquest, but you will unlock something that'll come in handy fairly shortly. What is it? We're not telling! Let the wild guesswork begin...

Last Chance for Discounted Premier Club
You only have until February 1st to pick up the Premier Club Gold package at a discounted price!

It's been a while, so here's a reminder of what the Gold package includes:

- 12 Months of RuneScape Membership
- Exclusive monthly drops for the duration of Premier Club Membership
- Free Premier Pass for Yak Track events for the duration of Premier Club Membership
- 150,000 Loyalty Points
- Ozzie pet
- Ceremonial Guard Armour
- Extra daily Keys
- 3 Premier Club Reward Tokens
- RuneMetrics Discount
- 1,000 Oddments each month
- Premier Club Vault access
- VIP Premier World access
- 1 free Boss Instance a week
- 100 Premier Bank spaces
- In-game chat badge

And for just 3 more days, you can get all that for just £44.99 (or $74.99, or €64.99) - this is the very best value for money deal we offer, so if you want to enjoy the big savings, now's the time!

Free Bank Presets
All additional Bank Presets are now free! Options to purchase them have been removed from all interfaces, including Solomon's General Store.

You should automatically receive the Bank Presets you're entitled to upon log in. Members will receive 10 presets, and free-to-play players will get seven.

Now go, run free, and customise your loadouts to your hearts' desire!

Rare Item Tokens Have Been Removed
One of the projects we've been working on lately is to consolidate the various stores and remove unnecessary currencies from the game. This week, we've been looking at Rare Item Tokens.

As you know, Rare Item Tokens were a prize from Treasure Hunter, which could be used to buy various items in the Rare Token Store. However, once you've unlocked all the items, the Tokens themselves are useless - and as more and more of you do so, they become more and more devalued compared to other Treasure Hunter prizes.

As a result, we've removed Rare Item Tokens from the Treasure Hunter loot table and they are no longer claimable in-game.

Any existing Rare Item Tokens will be converted into Oddments at a rate of 10 tokens to one Oddment - so 50 Rare Item Tokens will net you five Oddments. You can convert up to 100,000 Rare Item Tokens - any Tokens above that limit will be removed.

All new rares have been moved to the Oddments Store. These include:

- Bad Weather Umbrella
- Octopus Backpack
- Glowbug in a Jar
- Oriental Fan
- Springy Pet Token
- Telescope
- Balloon Rest Token
- Polly

Treasure Hunter: Mosaic Crystals
A new Treasure Hunter promotion has arrived. In Mosaic Crystals, you'll get a grid of different-rarity crystals to pick from. Select all prizes in a line, and you'll get extra rewards - and every time you do, you'll get points on your progression track and unlock even more. Once you reach the end of the progression track, you can prestige and get even better prizes the next time! Mosaic Crystals will run until February 1st.

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Publish Time:Thursday, January 28, 2021

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