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July is the Month of the Dragon

On this month,there is includ three dragon bosses, a dungeon knee-deep with dragons and a new King Black Dragon, all wrapped up in our new Elite Dungeon, the Dragonkin Laboratory.

Elite Dungeons: Dragonkin Laboratory
Get straight to the Laboratory. Built age range ago in the north-east Wilderness by the dragonkin, these are rocky ruins dripping with magma and riddled with dragons.

As with the first Elite Dungeon (Temple of Aminishi), the particular Dragonkin Lab is for up three players, and it will become easier the more players you bring. It also comes with a Story Mode, reducing the challenge at the same time as the rewards, making it a fine experience for almost any player.

The Beach
Just getting into the month on July 30th is The Beach. Much like previous years, this will be a Lumbridge Crater takeover, with your traditional sunny festivities included.

And the Beach will be bringing something new: a face-in-the-hole where you could create fantastic Photo Booth shots for your forum character. There will also be plenty of fresh rewards, including a sandcastle crab, a beach goebie and also a sharknado teleport anim.

RunePass: Ocean's Bounty
They will be bringing you RunePass: Ocean's Bounty, an event that chucks challenges your way in return for starfish points. Gather enough of such starfish to unlock amazing ocean overrides and considerable XP rewards, with around 30 tiers of booty to collect.

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Publish Time:Monday, July 2, 2018

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