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Join in OSRS Last Man Standing Beta now!

This week sees the release of a beta for the Last Man Standing revamp! Many changes and adjustment have already been made in this OSRS LMS beta, here you could  learn the detailed  information.

OSRS Last Man Standing beta  worlds

 A number of  Last Man Standing OSRS changes  have been  discussed in  the official State of PvP blog in May. Now that games are easier to start with a few friends or large groups, it's time to test those changes designed and implemented by Mod Roq and Mod Maz. Currently 5 OSRS LMS beta worlds with these new changes have been opened: 401, 405, 407, 409 and 412. Because the existing version of LMS cannot be live at the same time as the beta version, the following LMS worlds will become normal worlds for the duration of the beta: 425, 317, 326, and 393.
The beta will take place on a Tournament/Unrestricted world. It meaning anything done during the beta won't affect your main account in any way. The player attack option will be set as "always left-click" by default which  means you will need to set your F Key options each time you log into the beta.

Learn Changes in  OSRS  Last Man Standing  beta

1.You will receive a random set of stats when  login into the  LMS beta,and  these will be boosted to 99 except for Defence which will be changed to 75. This is to test that the automatic stat changes when you enter LMS work correctly. Each player starts with a full tribrid setup,not just a beginner weapon.
2.Players will  only receive chests, which will  require a bloody key to open.
3.There is a list of proposed rewards for Last Man Standing OSRS:
Deadman Armour
Trouver Parchment
5 new God Halos
XP Rewards
Games Played/Won Cosmetics
3 Speed One-handed weapon
Guthixian Icon/Staff of Balance
Staff of Paralysis
In LMS only cosmetics
Negative XP Lamps

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The Buyrunescape4golds Team

Publish Time:Monday, July 15, 2019

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