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Halloween Event Guide

Please prepare a tinderbox, a bucket of water and two cabbages before starting the event. To complete it quicker, you also had batter have teleports to Lumbridge, Explorer's ring 2-4 and access to a fairy ring. Then follow these steps:
1.Talk to Eric beside the Rimmington church and agree to help him;
2.Get to Father Urhney's hut in the Lumbridge Swamp and get the crypt key from him;
3.Give the key to Eric;
4.Go down the trapdoor next to the altar and enter the Chambers of Eric with the crypt opened;
5.Light the candles with your tinderbox;
6.Reach the Falador farm just north of Port Sarim and talk to Sarah;
7.Get cow blood from her;
8.Go back to Eric again;
9.Talk to Hetty in Rimmington to get an empty cauldron;
10.Fill it with a bucket of water and two cabbages;
11.Return to Eric and light the firepit under the cauldron;
12.Talk to the spider called Eek and release her via the right-click option in your inventory;
13.Open 4 coffins and get 4 skeletons to use them on the wall fastenings;
14.Take the church lectern for Eric;
15.Help Eric write a scary story;
16.Take Angel and Henja to Eric;
17.Go down the crypt;
18.Speak to Father Urhney and get his clown outfit;
19.Wear the outfit and return to the crypt;
20.Scare The THING away;
21.Speak to Eric and go to Anja's house once more automatically;
22.Talk to Eric again and get the rewards from him.

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Publish Time:Friday, October 26, 2018

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