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Guide: Recipe for Disaster OSRS Quest Easy & Fast Walkthrough

The Old School quest Recipe for Disaster requires players to get a  crème brulee  for Sir Amik Varze.You need to talk to Sir Amik Varze  first, to learn how to make one in this complicated but fun subquest.Here is a guide for the Recipe for Disaster OSRS quest to help you complete it easily and fast.
Basics of  Recipe for Disaster OSRS quest
OSRS Recipe for Disaster quest is a  quest with 107 quest points requirements. To start this quest, you need to  access to the Kharazi Jungle, started Legends' Quest.Then Completion of the following quests:Family Crest,   Heroes' Quest,Shield of Arrav,Lost City,Merlin's Crystal,Dragon Slayer,Shilo Village,Jungle Potion,Druidic Ritual,Underground Pass,Biohazard,Plague City,Waterfall Quest.You have  to defeat a level 227 Black dragon.
Recipe for Disaster  OSRS quest Walkthrough
Items required: A bucket of milk, an empty pot, pot of cream, a raw sweetcorn, a pot of cornflour, any axe, a machete, Radimus notes (only if you haven't completed the Legend's Quest), a vanilla pod, a dramen branch, a dramen staff, a pestle and mortar, ice gloves, a raw chicken, combat equipment to kill a black dragon and the evil chicken. Completion of Lost City and started Legends Quest.
1.Inspect Sir Amik.
2.Ask the cook how you helped Sir Amik Varze.
Use cream on milk.
3.Grind raw sweetcorn in a windmill, fill a pot with it, and add it to the milky mixture.
4.Pick a vanilla pod in the Kharazi Jungle (SW of the pool used in Legends' Quest), add it to the cornflour mixture.
5.Talk to the Wise Old Man in Draynor, ask about strange beasts, then the Evil Chicken.
6.Use a raw chicken on the Evil Chicken shrine in northern Zanaris (where you arrive from the swamp. Items lost on death will be gone forever as prior to quest completion this area is instanced).
7.Run north past the dragons and kill the Evil Chicken, pick up its egg and add it to the brulee.
8.Kill a black dragon, there is a safe spot to the east, pick up the dragon token.
9.Grind a dramen branch with a pestle and mortar to make cinnamon, add it to the brulee.
10.Equip ice gloves then rub the token.
11.Give the Brulee supreme to Sir Amik in Lumbridge. Quest complete!
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Publish Time:Monday, April 22, 2019

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