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Get Magical Dice and Other General Reward with Quest Points

Quest Point Shop is a shop. More specifically, a shop in which you can spend quest points. You’ll be able to find it south west of the Varrock Lodestone. In the shop you will find May. She’s a tinkerer and she used to be an adventurer herself, and is determined to help other adventurers succeed in their pursuits.

In Quest Point Shop there is one general reward track and then a number of additional reward tracks that players can choose to progress along, should they so desire. The former is automatic, but the latter depends on depend on how you choose to allocate your points.

When having certain quest points, you will get various general rewards automatically. For example, you will be awarded first Philipe Carnillean lamp, Magical Dice (T1) & an extra Slayer block and prefer slot when reaching 50 quest point milestone. If reaching 200 quest points, you will gain a fourth Philipe Carnillean lamp, Magical Dice (T2) & an extra Slayer block and prefer slot & Rover.

The Magical Dice has 5 tiers:
T1: Awarding you 250,000 coins and a random easy Treasure Trails reward when rolled.
T2: Awarding you 500,000 coins and a random medium Treasure Trails reward when rolled.
T3: Awarding you 1,000,000 coins and a random hard Treasure Trails reward when rolled.
T4: Awarding you 2,500,000 coins and a random elite Treasure Trails reward when rolled.
T5: Can not obtainable from May’s Quest Caravan Currently.

Finally, please remember Quest Point Shop unlocks occur in 25 quest point intervals, and players will be able to reset their unlocks once a week. And don’t forget to buy cheap 07 RS gold here.


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Publish Time:Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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