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Gain Unique Rewards from Till Death Do Us Part

During the 2018 Halloween event - Till Death Do Us Part RuneScape, players can access the Warped chamber for various loot when the rift is stabilised. At the meantime, players are able to gain Ring of the Dead, War’s Axe, as well as other unique rewards.


Various urns to loot in the Warped chamber
When you stabilise the rift during Til Death Do Us Part, Heroes are rewarded in RuneScape, so in return for aiding Death and his boisterous chums, players will be whisked off to a loot-packed warped chamber. It contains a portal with a Black Hand reaching upwards and urns (small, medium, large and huge) which can be smashed for various rewards, such as Plank, Raw monkfish, XP lamp, bonus XP star, Sealed clue scroll, Ghostly essence, Berserker's chocolate, Deployable herb burner and so on.

Please note that the chamber is only accessible once every day, while member can stay there for 60 seconds and F2P players can stay for 30 seconds each time. But You can gather more XP from the event after the stabilisation resets every 4 hours.


Unique rewards from Til Death Do Us Part
After the community has made certain progress in the total amount of times that the rift has been stabilised, some unique rewards can be gained during the event, which include:
War’s Axe: a cosmetic override
Pestilence's Bow: a cosmetic override
Famine's Staff: a cosmetic override
Ring of Pestilence: turning you into Pestilence when worn
Ring of War: turning you into War when worn
Ring of the Dead: turning you into Death when worn
Ring of Famine: turning you into Famine when worn
Ring of Urns: turning you into one of the urns inside the stabilised rift

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Publish Time:Wednesday, October 10, 2018

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