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F2P Dungeoneering Training

Dungeoneering is one of most useful skills in the whole game and that is why it requires a lot of planning both before and during the raids. And that is also why we are here to help you get the best out of this special skill with our Free-to-Play (F2P) Dungeoneering training guide.


Getting Started with Dungeoneering

Here are some of the best practices that you can use to be more efficient in your dungeoneering training. The first you need to make sure is that you have at least 60 attacking, 64 magic and 54 Runecrafting.

Now what these skills will do is allow you to have the best melee weapons and magic for a F2P player, that can easily maximize your damage per second or DPS.

Having a higher Runecrafting, around 54 will allow you to craft law runes where you can use your magic skills to perform the Group Gatestone Teleport spell.

Now another thing to keep in mind here to create Gatestone Spell for each of the floor is to bind 150 cosmic runes in your ammunition slot or if you want to use Group Gatestone Teleport, you’d have to do the same process but instead use 125 law runes.


Gaining Experience

The first thing to note here is that Experience is basically a combo of both the Base XP plus the modifiers. Now in order to gain Experience in the Dungeoneering skill, you’d have to complete the floors.

Now you might be wondering what a base XP means? Well, if you combine both your floor XP and the Prestige XP and take out the average that’d be your Base XP.

Now both of the XPs (Floor and Prestige) are directly proportional to the Complexity, so the greater the complexity the greater the XPs.

Each of these XPs also depend on your Floor number and Prestige. Floor XP increases with Floor and the same happens with Prestige XP when your Prestige increases.

Now from floor 1 to 35 these floors happen to have a certain theme. And the list of all the themes can be found in the list below:

· Floors 1-11: Frozen Theme

· Floors 12-17: Abandoned Theme

· Floors 18-29: Furnished Theme

· Floors 30-35: Abandoned 2 Theme


Also, once you have completed all the floors in a certain theme, your prestige will come down to zero and the best way to avoid that from ever happening is to start from floor 1 and make your way all the way up to floor 35 and once you have finished, repeat the whole process again.

You can play the raids either in a Solo run or with a team of friends. But one thing to keep in mind is that to maximize your Base XP, it’s better to play with a team on a maximum difficulty.

The following configurations gets you the best XP rates for a raid:

1:1 – Solo (Max Difficulty)

5:5 – Team (Max Difficulty)

Other configurations like playing with team members less than 5 won’t be much profitable in terms of XP.



Modifiers as the name suggests are like multipliers added on top of your Base XP to increase it and they depend of different things such as level mod, bonus room, complexity, floor difficulty and number of deaths you have encountered.

Tip: Opening all the bonus rooms will increase your Final XP up to staggering figure of somewhere between 200-300%.


I hope this helps you better understand the hidden concepts of Dungeoneering and while you are at, you can buy yourself some cheap OSRS gold or RS3 gold to make things even more easier!

The Buyrunescape4golds Team

Publish Time:Monday, March 29, 2021

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