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Enjoy Free RuneScape Clue Scroll

This weekend will play host to various kinds of RuneScape Clue Scroll bonanza during the ongoing Summer Weekends, like free reroll for clue rewards, free clue scroll by Gilly Willikers and Summer Gift Box. Now we should learn full details and RuneScape gold for sale the here.

Free clue scroll and reroll
During the period of August 4th and 5th, every day you will be able to get one free reroll for clue rewards and a free clue scroll via Gilly Willikers. And the sort of clue scroll you get would depend on your total level:
37-1,400 total levels: easy
1,401-2,000 total levels: medium
2,001-2,500 total levels: hard
2,501+ total levels: elite
In addition, there will be improved chance of receiving clue scrolls from drops and pickpocketing.

More bonuses for clue scrolls with Ironmen excluded
On the other hand, completing each clue scroll this weekend can grant you a Summer Gift Box including refreshing treats. Meanwhile, you will be likely to get one of these items from the box, which are:

Charms: Used mainly in the Summoning skill as a prerequisite to make Summoning pouches;
Tight springs: Functioning in exactly the same manner as springs, but are not tradeable;
Slayer VIP tickets: Allowing a choice of 1 of 2 assignments when obtaining a brand-new task;
Silverhawk down: The untradeable version of Silverhawk feathers and one down will give the Silverhawk boots a single charge;
Experience lamps and stars

Please note easy clues will reward an easy gift box while medium or hard clues grant a hard gift box and elite clues reward an elite gift box.

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Publish Time:Monday, July 30, 2018

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