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Deadman Experience Cap Increase

This week's update brings an increase to the experience cap for the Deadman Winter Season. We also see some Quality of Life changes such as make-X enchanting for Salve amulets.

In response to this, the daily XP Caps in the Deadman Season will be increased, starting from the daily reset at 12pm UTC (1am BST) on Friday 21st September. The caps will change from: 500k XP per day shared across Defence and Ranged, a cap of 750k XP in Magic or of 750k XP per day in Attack and Strength. 700k XP per day shared across Defence and Ranged, a cap of 1050k XP in Magic or a 1050k XP per day in Attack and Strength. As the season rolls on, potion prices get higher as less people train the skills required.

As a result, certain potions are being added to the Bounty Hunter store:
Super Attack - Cost: 1000 points
Super Strength – Cost 1000 points
Ranging Potion – Cost 6000 points
Super Restore – Cost 10000 points
Saradomin Brew – Cost 25000 points
Prayer Restore – Cost 3000 points
Stamina Potion – Cost 8000 points

Tier 1 emblem drop rates from Wilderness Slayer have been doubled to account for the increase in BH shop usage. Quality of Life ChangesSalve Amulet Enchanting Added to the Make-X System As the Salve amulet becomes increasingly useful and players collect them for quick-use and drop content such as the Theatre of Blood, we wanted to make the process of making them less tedious by adding them to the make-x system.

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Publish Time:Friday, September 21, 2018

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