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Clan Improvements

Now focuses on a multitude of features and improvements that clans are been asking for, here are the full details and you can find cheapest runescape gold from us.

Clan Broadcasts: Achievements broadcasts are now available for Clans. You'll be able to customise what type of broadcasts are sent to your clan and if you wish, decide if Clan Guests can also celebrate in the achievements of your clan.

Clan Chat Muting: Instead of just straight up kicking a clan member from your clan as punishment you can now apply a chat mute to them from Clan Settings, any clan member who has been muted should have an icon next to their name in the Clan Settings interface.

Clan Avatar Rework: This update will allow you to summon your personal Clan Avatar, no longer will your clan be limited to three Avatar. You can now activate your weekly buff at your Avatar Control Stone located near your own personal Avatar Habitat, once activated you can choose between a base XP boost of 3% which will increase up to an additional 3% XP if your Fealty is rank 1, 2 or 3 or possibly a Skill Plot Bonus which often increases the clan resources gathered from that Skill Plot by simply 50%, whichever buff you decide lasts a week and can be switched out and/or renewed each time, however if you wish you'll be ready summon the Avatar as a pet via the Follower Pets tab if your buff is active.

Clan Login Message: A clan login message has also been added. Accessible to Deputy Owner+ by using right clicking the 'I' icon in Clan Speak, this allows you to write up a custom message to display to clan members if they have been logged out for more than 6 hours when they next login.

Other Clan goodies: The patch notes will go fully detail on all of the clan changes, and there are also noticeboard improvements, clan chat optimisations, a clan log and more.

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Publish Time:Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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