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Brand New OSRS Bone Whip

What do you need when you are in the rs 07 game world? Maybe you just need us to offer you the cheapest RS 07 Gold with fast delivery safely and carefully. Recently, the developer team has announced the concept of a brand new weapon you can make with the Hydra tails - OSRS Bone Whip. Alchemical Hydra can be said as the jewel on the crown among the updates of Kebos Lowlands. As a unique drop from the Alchemical Hydra, Hydra tail is of big uses.

The hydra tail is a drop you can gain from killing hydras and Alchemical Hydra. However, you can also get it through Great Exchange with 2,274,973 coins. High alch Hydra tail is worthy of 900,000 coins. To keep the high price reasonable and stable, the team has decided to introduce a brand new weapon - Bone Whip. Designed by Mod Ry, the Bone Whip can be created by combining Hydra tail with a standard Abyssal whip.

When combined with the dragonbone necklace and bonecrusher, it is able to be created into a bonecrusher necklace, which can automatically crush bones while restoring prayer. After it come into being, the non-degradeable Bone Whip requires 72 Attack to wield. Its stats will be at halfway between those of standard whip and the Tentacle whip, offering +4 to Slash accuracy and +1 to Strength. Additionally, such combining process can be reversed. But if the Bone whip passes the poll, the Hydra tail will no longer be necessary in making the necklace.

While being used in PvP situations, the Bone whip will split and leave the Abyssal whip but break the Hydra. When outside PvP, the Bone whip will be dropped. Also be careful with the right-click Dismantle option of Bone whip, which will make you lose the the Hydra tail.

Once the poll passed, there won’t be long before the OSRS Bone Whip comes into being. After then you can kill Hydras and Alchemical Hydras to get Hydra tails with the cheapest rs gold from us.

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Publish Time:Monday, January 28, 2019

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