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Advice for New RuneScape Players

Get a Membership
If you’re a beginner, it’s all good to not purchase a membership. You need to get the feel of the game and see whether you enjoy it or not before you decide to put offerings for the makers of Gielinor. However, if you seem to like it here or if you are an adventurer returning from your long retirement and interacting with this world through that device they call “mobile phone” or “a tablet”, a trendy device which youth will abandon in a year or two, if you ask me, and know what awaits you in your path to glory in Gielinor, I strongly recommend you get a membership.

This way you will lift the invisible walls that stand between you and so many exciting adventures, from which you will learn so much things, that you will feel like a completely new person. There are three ways to acquire this privilege: you can pay with that money of yours from Earth, you can buy these new things called bonds with the wealth you amassed in Gielinor or you can arrange a deal with the friendly fellows here and get some RuneScape 3 or OSRS gold for a fraction of a cost!

Important thing to remember is this: if you are not one of those magicians who can inhabit multiple bodies and wish to focus only on that special one, it is recommended by many wise sages to avoid these bots, else you can be banished from the land with no chance to return.

Often new adventurers are so excited that they sometimes forget that there are people around who need help! I saw many an adventurer beginning their journey butchering cows and slaying goblins with such an ease, they don’t even take a single hit. Why not ask a chef about his problems with Duke’s birthday party? Or show those dark wizards by south Varrock gate that their mischievous attacks on newcomers will not be tolerated any longer? Why not thwart those wizards’ plans to summon a powerful demon that would wreak havoc upon this world? All these folk in need of your helping hand will not only thank you, but they will also reward you! Some of these rewards are extremely valuable and sometimes people will return you the favor by allowing you to access an area that otherwise would be outside your reach or use their tools and equipment so you can craft more efficiently. Always consider doing quests.


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Publish Time:Monday, November 26, 2018

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