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2018 Winter Weekends

Winter Weekends is coming soon! Note that the Grand Exchange will be hosting portals to each of the events as and when they happen. Here’s the full details and prepare enough RS 07 gold cheap from us.

All month (November 30th-January 7th): Player Owned Ports
*25 voyages per day instead of 15.
*All player-owned ports voyages return 30% extra resources or trade goods.
*Ability to get The Barmaid's special voyage on Saturdays and Sundays as well as Thursdays.

November 30th-December 3rd: Elite Dungeons & Dungeoneering
Double DG tokens can be earned from DG and elite dungeons
Elite Dungeons
*Lore book drop rate doubled
*25% increased Slayer XP from dungeon NPC's
*1 extra T92 material whenever the material is hit on the drop table
*1 free death per run - works in story mode AND normal runs
Dungeoneering: No experience penalty upon death

December 7th-10th: Deep Sea Fishing & Fishing
Fishing: Spots move around half as frequently as before
Deep Sea Fishing
*Will be available to all players regardless of level
*Encounters are more common
*Bottled boosts last twice as long
*Uncharted maps, fishing notes and bottled boosts are found more frequently
*XP bonus cap increased to 30% and bonus builds up 10% quicker from fishing frenzy
*No electrified jellyfish spawn
*Swarm fishing acts as if you were 5 levels higher
*Custom fish (sea turtles, great whites, manta rays) bait is 50% more effective

December 14th-17th: Combat & Slayer
*Charm drops give one more charm than normal
*Increased chance of rare drops and enhanced lucky items
*25% increased Slayer experience
*All Slayer assignments are treated as using a Slayer VIP ticket
*Shattered Worlds grants 50% extra anima
*10% cheaper instance fees
*Ability to loot from Mazcab Raids once per day
*You may choose your Boss Slayer assignments over the weekend
*Increased ushabti catch chance
*Increased drop rate of grimoire pages from Solak

December 21st-24th: Gathering & Support
*10% chance not to deplete uncharted isles resources while harvesting
*Mining rocks and trees replenish twice as quickly
Divination: Knowledge fragments spawn more frequently and training hotspots move less frequently in the Hall of Memories
Thieving: Increased loot and chance of totems from safecracking.
Hunter: Chance of getting +1 loot.
Agility: Higher chance of activating The Pit Minigame

December 28th-31st: Minigames
*+1 Castle Wars gold ticket per game, regardless of win, lose or draw
*Double commendation points from Pest Control
*Double Bonus XP and gambling rewards from Barbarian Assault
*Bosses killed in Dominion Tower are counted twice for the purposes of reward unlocks
*+50% Dominion Factor earned
*+50% produce points at Livid Farm (stacks with boosters)
*An extra 600 daily bonus points in Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza
*100% increased Menaphos reputation from Shifting Tombs
*Double zeal from Soul Wars
*Double points from Stealing Creation

January 4th-7th: Player Owned Farm & Farming
Player Owned Farm
*Improved chances of breeding
*Improved chances of shinies
*Improved happiness and health from feeding
*Increased yield from harvested animals
*More beans from selling animals
*Increased drop rate of animals from combat
*Honeycombs are more effective when used on animals
*10% increased yield from allotment and herb patches
*25% increased yield from compost bins


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Publish Time:Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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