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Rainbow theme of thin and pearl prizes to August 14 in Runescape

Recently with the beginning of the rainbow, in the RS game activities you are able to enjoy around 7 times the particular prize. At once, you can get yourself a new Rainbow Concept Award, including RuneScape Rainbow Bow and Rainbow Parasol. All that are described in more detail below, please examine more about, which includes RuneScape Gold sales.

Marketing promotions

This limited time and energy to enjoy the advertising: This promotion can continue until August 14, 2017 UTC 23: 59. Rainbow will get up to 7X cash incentives: one of the top features of this "treasure hunter" is always to let the rainbow chest open if the multiplier unlock. It enables you to increase your multiplier reduce by 1 level, up to 7 items.

Treasure hunter cash incentives

In addition, this will increase how many prizes obtained coming from each treasure hunter per key value, which relates to all prizes, nevertheless the multiplier unlocks alone. Please note the multiple unlock will be automatically used following your declaration. You will get from the "Treasure Hunter" for the new Rainbow concept of Reyes, now, Jagex offers a couple of new rain concept awards. One could be the rainbow bow, the stop of your hands long weapons over and above.

Rainbow Project

Nonetheless, you need to be able to unlock the Rainbow Bow token. One other is the rainbow umbrella, which could be the end of the particular rainbow a attractiveness reward. We believe as a tradable treasure, these two new projects could be the same as the last rainbow project to be able to pursue. In inclusion, if you would not have a rainbow amulet or perhaps rainbow cloak, then it's always best to seize this possibility to get them.

Time-limited promotions have previously begun, and now is the better time to swiftly open the rainbow box at the earliest opportunity. Do not forget to own RuneScape Gold obsessed about this professional and also reliable website. is a super professional and very reliable RS Gold Store, welcome you to buy cheap Runescape Gold, our online chat is 24/7. You can also use 5% extra gold discount code "4golds" at

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Publish Time:Thursday, August 10, 2017

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