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Hidden treasure Event

There would have been a new way to find the prize in cherish hunt. This is going to be from 00: 00 online game time from May 10th to May 15th 23: 59 game time, we are able to seize the time for you to find buried cherish.

During this period, you will discover the treasure hunter interface is going to be converted into the grid based chart, you will open up the chest click within the box. Each square contains a minumum of one normal chest, but each grid 6 will have a special chest that contains a treasure trove of 1 or 5 awards.

There are four kinds of items that can contain various kinds of items, and the amount on the grid will be displayed quietly of the user interface. The following would be the types of chest that could contain:

1,Protean Chest: Protean traps,Protean hides,Protean bars,Protean memories,Protean planks,Protean logs...
2, Skilling Chest: Spirit gems, Portable packs,Dungeoneering tokens, Combat dummy packs, Silver hawk feathers, Magic notepaper..
two, antique chest.
3,Antique Chest: Prismatic lamps, Dragon ceremonial outfit,Queen's guard outfit, Wicked Hood teleports.
4, Experience Chest: Prismatic lamps, Hydra lamps, Smouldering lamps, Lava lanterns.

It is really worth noting that with this antique chest may always contain a minumum of one of these two bits of clothing, unless you currently have both - in this instance, it will have a rare token. Additionally, you want to better help you to get treasure, then you are able to come to buyrunescape4golds to buy runescape gold to take part in this event, we may have more surprises for you ah!

There's also an opportunity that the above types associated with chest will have a special prize: the chest rest computer animation, hold treasure chart project, or a rare chance to obtain a lucky project (such as retired). Hope you'll find some top awards.

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Time:May 10–May 17,2017

Enjoy your online game!
The buyrunescape4golds Team

Publish Time:Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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