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2018 Premier Club Gold Package And Hexhunter Bow

Have you bought RuneScape 2018 Premier Club Gold package? Right here arrives an additional privilege for your gold members -- getting a Stalker Gland through the Guardian of the Vault. Which product may make sure you get the new Stalker Creatures task. Let’s learn upcoming information and buy rs gold.

How could you have the Stalker Gland?

Launched together with Seekers and Soulgazers, till Jan 22 the RuneScape Stalker Gland could be obtained through the Protector from the Vault container in the Grand Exchang through all those gamers that has purchased the Premier Club Gold package.

You are able to swap them along with Kuradal or Morvran to make certain Stalker Animals because the next Slayer task. But for those who have not finished Dishonour amongst Thieves, you can't obtain the task, even though acquiring the product.
There is no benefits much more, them possess the exact same product using the Seeker Gland and Roasts Meats.

Since the launch OF Stalker Creature slayer task, there is a opportunity to create RuneScape Stalker Arrow  with Stalker Essence dropd through Soulgazer or Seeker. There is a assured drop -- Hexhunter Bow through Elite Soulgazers.

How to get and utilize RuneScape Hexhunter Bow?

Hexhunter Bow is an uncommon drop through new slayer beast Soulgazer, present in the Stalker dungeon within Zamorak's hideout. Therefore you possess uncommon opportunity to obtain the Bow through at the top edition from the Soulgazer -- Soulgazer, that spawns sometimes whilst eliminating normal Soulgazers. The opportunity is going to be larger by providing Seeker’s Charms towards the website within the to the north from the dungeon. Furthermore, an additional top notch edition from the Soulgazer -- Veil-ripper Ozharakha will spawn seldom instead of at the Elite Soulgazer while offering the assured drop from the Hexhunter Ribbon and bow.

It is time for you to problem Soulgazer or even Locater, and you also nevertheless possess opportunity to buy 2018 Premier Club Gold package and revel in Stalker Gland RuneScape and other benefits. But don’t forget RuneScape gold is on sale at


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Publish Time:Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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